ok zlatarov

OK Zlatovrv



PSK Zlatovrv from Prilep (city in central Macedonia) is the oldest mountaineering club in the Republic of Macedonia. It was established in 1924.

The earlier forms of Orienteering in Macedonia start back in the 70s. During the years it becomes a formal sport with a solid structure. OK Zlatovrv come from the old PSK Zlatovrv and it succeeded the orienteering traditions. OK Zlatovrv came up wit its competitors and started participating at competitions from 2011.

The club has organised of MOCPA (Memorial Orienteering Competition Pece Atanasoski) for the last 7 years in a row, hosting competitors from Europe and all around the world. Organisation of active, fun and inclusive games for the pupils and the students is also one of our assets.

The club supports diffusing the sport between the people, especially the youth. A collaboration is ongoing with 5 schools from the municipality. Thus it plays important role for the development of physical and mental health of the youngsters.

The mission is to promote the sport, to customise the orienteering programme according to the age and experience. The sport is challenging by exercising both the mind and the body at the same time. The potential for developing it within schools is great, with progressive orienteering activities that take part in the classroom, in the school yard, in the neighbourhood, city centre or in the nature! Orienteering is also a cross-curricular activity and can complement subjects such as Maths, Geography, Sport, Biology, Sociology and even learning of foreign languages.

”We strongly believe in the POWER of ORIENTEERING!“