romanian orienteering federation

The Romanian Orienteering Federation (FRO)



The Romanian Orienteering Federation (FRO) is the Romanian national governing body of the sport of orienteering.Active and independent from the old Rock Climbing Federation since 1990, FRO is an organization that supportsand implements projects related to developmentoforienteering as sport.FRO is a full member of the International Orienteering Federation, the South East European Orienteering Association, an active collaborator of the Romanian National Authority for Sport and Youth and the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee.The main activity of F.R.O. is to organize, direct, manage, control and promote the practice of orienteering.With 47active clubs and associationsand more than 500 orienteerisin its structure, FRO is the key member in the development of orienteering in Romania.FRO has a vast experience in organizing national and international events for foot orienteering, mountain bike orienteering and ski orienteering, for all ages, from youth, junior and senior to masters. Such events examples:-Romanian National Championships andWorld Ranking Eventsyearly-European Youth Orienteering Championships in 2015,-Junior, Youth, and Masters World Ski-Orienteering Championships andWorld Cup 3 in 2010,-Balkan Championships 2003, 2008-South East European Championships 2013,-The Latin Countries Cup 2003, 2007, 2013-World Junior Championships 1996.One of the biggest recent activities that concerned children and activity in school was Pierre de Coubertin program. It was a successful activity developed in Oct 2015, by the Romanian Orienteering Federation in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sport and the specialized clubs in Romania. The Pierre de Coubertin is part of the European Commission's strategy for sport as strategic objective, to support and develop sports programs proposed by national sports federations for the selection, preparation and realization of competitions of children, in order to obtain performers eventually.In 2015, 19 sports structures from 16 counties and 20 localities participated in the activities of initiating in orienteering almost 1200 children aged between 10 and 12 years(photos attached). At the final stage,held in early November 2015. 100 children selected and 25 coaches and officials participated in Băile-Felix resort. The action had a great resonance and created a special image for the Federation in front of governmental authorities, being widely publicized. The final result of the project was to bring to orienteering 70 new children through the participating sports structures, among some of them were already appearing in the medal rankings of the next year's National Championships. Unfortunately, the number of these legitimated athletes is dropping, due to the impossibility of financial support in subsequent competitions.