bulgarian orienteering federation

Coordinator: Bulgarian Orienteering Federation (BFO)

BFO was founded in 1993 as NGO. Orienteering in Bulgaria develops since 1954 but at this time under Bulgarian Tourism Union. Bulgaria is member-founder of International Orienteering Federation in 1961.

BFO administers orienteering sports (foot orienteering, ski-orienteering, mountain bike orienteering, trail orienteering, night orienteering, mobile orienteering, marathon orienteering) in Bulgaria. Members of BFO are more than 50 clubs all over the country with more than 1300 registered competitors and more than 3000 participants aged 10-85.

The federation organizes 8 National championships per year and about 100 regional competitions per year. The federation has hosted many international competitions (incl. World- and European Championships and rounds of World Cups, also World Ranking Events) for different age groups incl. Elite, Masters, Juniors and Youth.

The orienteering sport keeps a prestigious reputation in Bulgaria, thanks to BFO. The federation cooperates actively with schools and universities on regional and national level. BFO`s coaches are desired partners at the sport program on primary and secondary schools. In addition, BFO supports variety of open orienteering activities that spread and promote the sport among the citizens. BFO is well aware of the needs of the athletes and coaches in general in regard to their sport specific activities.

BFO also organizes many mass events for schoolchildren and students and for citizens who like outdoor activities in nature and open air.

BFO is very active in supporting the local authorities and public bodies in elaborating policies for health enhancing physical activities, creating sport opportunities for young people on a school level. That is why the BFO is working very actively and has excellent liaisons with the Ministry of Youth and Sport and Ministry of Education), as well as Sofia Municipality and other local authorities.

President of the BFO is prof. Dr. Atanas Georgiev, former Rector of the National Sports Academy Vasil Levski in Sofia, Bulgaria.

BFO has its own administrative capacity for implementing project activities and also a large network of volunteers.