eesti terviserajad (Estonia)

Eesti Terviserajad (Estonia)



Eesti Terviserajad(Health Trails) Foundation was founded in 2005 by Merko Ehitus, Swedbank and Eesti Energia AS. The main activity of the Foundation is advising on the development of Estonian mobility and sports tracks, co-ordinating development activities and contributing to financing.

The aim is to ensure that most of the Estonian population has access to a network of health trails for year-round and free exercise. Currently, there are 100 health trails in Estonia.

Head of the Foundation is Alo Loke.

In 2012, the Estonian Health Trails was awarded from the International Olympic Committee for Sport and Environment. Between 2004 and 2013, over EUR 23 million have been invested in the development of health tracks, including contributions from the Estonian Health Trails, local governments, the Ministry of Culture and the European Union.

Terviserajad mission is to make the health trails available to as many people as possible for the people of Estonia all year round, so that everyone can enjoy the healing movement in the fresh air regardless of the season and time - no matter where in Estonia.

Terviserajad Estonia has well established contacts with most important sports clubs, especially in orienteering in Estonia as well as with main policy stakeholders in sport, health and education.

The NGO has a high expertise in elaboration of health routes and trails in Estonia