About the project

Why Orienteering?


Orienteering requires physical fitness, skills in map reading, compass work, mental alertness and decisiveness. It teaches participants to assess, understand and “read” the countryside, as well as to appreciate the beauty and variety of the terrain to walk over. Orienteering embodies a wide range of physical and mental skills, including: fitting map to terrain and vice – versa, decision making (route choice), determination (sticking to one‟s decision), self - confidence (in unfamiliar terrain), planning ahead, adapting the correct navigational technique for the terrain, e.g. aiming off, use of attack points, compass skills, checking distance travelled.

Orienteering provides opportunities to apply syllabus skills and understanding in social context, for example:
Social Studies/ Geography - Maps, plans, contours, and landforms land use, urban and rural surveys
Physical Education and Health - Walking and running, agility running off tracks
Mathematics - Plans, spatial relationships, scales, angles, symbols, time, distance, speed, arithmetic, surveying, estimating
Outdoor Education - An essential introduction to any form of Outdoor Education, allowing students to work independently, without constant instructor supervision
Personal Development - Planning ahead, problem solving and decision making. Develop memory skills, concentration, self-confidence and self-esteem.


Orienteering provides an ideal combination of skill development for health, fitness and intellectual stimulation. COMPASS envisages use of latest technology in sports to harness digital innovation capacity and create opportunities to benefit from technological progress. Its educational resources will include entertainment games in the physical education program such as Zone play, Geocaching, and both clearly align with social studies standards involving the use of maps, but they can tie into other curricular areas as well. Math, reading, and writing are often incorporated into these activities, as are physical education and cooperative learning.


COMPASS project concept is based on the collaboration between sport and education whereas the main focus is supporting DCA as well as skills development in athletes, coaches, students and teachers.

The Work Plan for Sport 2017-2020 encourages “to take into account the relationship between education and sport including dual careers” as one of its main objectives. The European Council agreed that Member States and the Commission should prioritise some new topics in the key priorities Sport and Society and Economic dimension of sport. The role of coaches, education in and through sport, and sport and environment, are some of the key topics within the third priority Sport and Society, while within the priority Economic Dimension of sport, the emphasis is given to the innovation in sport and sport & the digital single market. COMPASS multilayer framework envisages: a) to strengthen the role of orienteering coaches through training them in the new program and increasing their coaching network at EU level, b) to promote education in sport through educating and training the talented orienteering athletes in the 4 innovative program modules, c) to develop the target groups‟ digital and environment culture, thus contributing to reach the European Union objectives within the third priority Sport and Society as well as complementing the priority Economic dimension of Sport of the WP for Sport 2017-2020.

COMPASS is an orienteering sport project targeting the most sensitive European population – young students and talented athletes, age 15-21 years, as well as coaches and teachers. The new European Consensus on Development2 “Our World, Our Dignity, Our Future” states that “ensuring access to quality education for all is a prerequisite for youth employability and long-lasting development.” (The Brussels, 7th of June 2017).

COMPASS will complement the EU upper school extra - curriculum programs as an effective outdoor education in physical activity and natural sciences aiming at creating digital, social and life skills in students and teachers thus answering the European Call for quality education as main preparation for full personal development of the young EU citizens in life. COMPASS project is focused on the education in and through sport of young athletes and students, coaches and teachers, with special focus on skills development as “Young people are agents of development and change and, as such, are essential contributors to the 2030 Agenda, including through their ability to innovate.” (the Consensus). The EU focuses on concrete actions to meet the specific needs of youth, by increasing quality employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, supported by effective policies in education, vocational training, skills development, and access to digital technologies and services. COMPASS will contribute to the EU effective policies in education and training aimed at skills development as the project envisages recommendation to all stakeholders in education and sport for including the program both in schools‟ outdoor activity education and in orienteering clubs. The Consortium will support the young people in gaining knowledge through orienteering as well as will facilitate their access to digital technologies and social and environmental issues though educating them in COMPASS.

The project COMPASS is about a Creative Orienteering Model for Physical Activity and Science in Schools.

The general objective of COMPASS is to promote education in and through sports with special focus on skills development as well as support the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes (DCA) by establishing a partnership of key organizations in the field of a/orienteering sport, b/a leading European academic institution and an NGO related to sport activities from 5 organizations in 5 countries. The project will develop, test and evaluate an innovative, SPORT CLUB - BASED education and training program COMPASS for grassroot orienteering coaches and talented athletes. The network of project partners will force cross-sectorial efforts to elaborate a trans-European program for orienteering SPORT CLUBS aimed at raising the coaches‟ and athletes‟ sport science knowledge as well as digital, pedagogical and social skills necessary for their career in and after sport.

The new state of the art program will embrace athletes and coaches from 30 orienteering clubs in total in project participating countries. COMPASS will elaborate a new dual career path for athletes and coaches through educating and training them in the latest trends in orienteering covering digital technologies, setting up educational orienteering games and teaching them basic outdoor activities management skills. Thus the project directly supports the EU Dual career of athletes Guidelines. The latest sport technologies, on which the program is based include Intelligent feedback devices (IFD) in orienteering, and smart orienteering games.

The COMPASS will provide also guidelines how to use orienteering sport in extra curriculum classes of physical education and natural sciences for adolescents. The program will consist of 4 modules - 1) IFD in Orienteering and Smart Orienteering games with IFD; 2) Orienteering with smart support for COMPASS schools. 3) Digital meets the nature, 4) Outdoor education activity management basics.

COMPASS will highly impact:

  1. orienteering coaches and athletes through empowering them with new knowledge and skills such as digital, communication, pedagogical and outdoor education management ones,

  2. sport clubs through providing them with a state of the art educational and training program for coaches and athletes to serve as a club-based dual career path;

COMPASS project will disseminate the new program as an open source educational resource.

Within its general objective the project partnership is inspired to help increasing of the sport clubs‟ and schools‟ collaboration in regard to providing the students with up-to-date, extra-curriculum and effective sport educational outdoor programs. COMPASS project will support orienteering coaches and athletes with a unique club - based educational and training orienteering program aimed at supporting them in delivering orienteering trainings in upper secondary schools as extra curriculum outdoor education activity. COMPASS envisages to pilot the orienteering program in 10 EU upper secondary schools as an extra-curriculum adventure outdoor education program for adolescents – it will amplify the students‟ physical and natural science non - formal education. During the pilot coaches and athletes will test the acquired knowledge and skills in COMPASS program together with teachers and volunteers thus COMPASS project will directly promote education through sport and will empower the teachers and students with sport related skills and culture.